Horror Society Stories

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Horror Society Stories Volume 1 is an anthology book of short stories, hand picked by Michael DeFellipo after a world wide call for entries. Ten terrifying tales pieced together to make one Hell of a crazy, blood splattering read!

“Come into our society. We promise, you won't want to leave.

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Every town across the globe has a horrific tale, whether it is current news or folklore passed down generation to generation. These stories shock and dismay the residents of these communities, leaving them afraid to turn off the lights and go to sleep. The average person tries their best to forget about the darkest evil that lurks outside, in the abandoned building down the street, and in the depths of their own imagination.

We, on the other hand, invite the darkness. For this is our community, our Horror Society, where your neighbor has more than secrets buried in the back yard. Where blood curdling screams replace friendly banter. Where the terror that awaits you is far worse than you originally thought. And you will never know which breath will be your last.”

Barbie Wilde, author of The Venus Complex calls it, “A tasty cocktail of horror that will keep you glued to the page.”

Horror Society Stories Volume 1 was published by Shillow Productions in association with Horror Society and CreateSpace. is an award winning, world recognized website specializing in independent horror culture. The site is ran by Mitchell D. Wells, with Michael DeFellipo and other contributors.


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